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We are an audio-visual producer specialized in Video Marketing.

Our Integra professional equipment of audio-visual accomplishment, animation, design and marketing to help you to transmit your message in images.


Lights€¦ camera€¦ action. We realise corporative videos for advertising companies and spot. We count on equipment of accomplishment and own running and looked for solutions any audio-visual proposal.


The animated computer graphics offer multitude of possibilities for almost any type of business. We write up the script, we designed the illustrations and we animated the characters to count your history.

Video Marketing

It arrives at your public! It generates interesting content realising pills of short videos with useful information that you will be able to use to insert in your blog, social networks, email marketing€¦

Our methodology, how we worked.

We are not an audio-visual producer to the use, we were in charge of all the development of the audio-visual project.


We look for the idea and we wrote up the text.


We design history and the characters.


We record with our super equipment.


We give life him to the drawings.


Music, effects€¦ The perfect finished one!

Last projects
type of explanatory video ambitious beers Amber

Explanatory video: Ambitious beers Amber

How to catch the attention of the objective public in a professional video, doing to him contributor and generating necessity by means of an interview and presentation of a new product.

Running GoLive offices for corporative video

Corporative video for the GoLive company

Audio-visual proposal of running and interviews to the directive equipment of GoLive, to present of direct form the service stars: the technological consultancy.

You need something that differentiates to you from the rest?

It dates to know with a corporative video, an animated video or animated computer graphics.

It requests a dose of ideas, we can do something great together.

Clients who trusted Dose Video Marketing
Targo Bank
Berger Levrault
Ecix Group


We are not an audio-visual producer to the use, we were in charge of all the development of the audio-visual project.

Several types of video exist who can help you to transmit the value of your company. He knows thorough all the options:

Animated videos

The animated videos are the most original and funny form to explain the advantages of your service or product through a brief history.

Corporative videos

A corporative video must reflect the spirit of the company and transmit its values, but also it must be attractive to arrive number of possible people to the maximum.

Video animated computer graphics

The animated computer graphics offer the possibility to you of presenting data or abstract concepts of form entertained and easy to understand.

Advertising videos

It promotes your products or services with campaigns of publicity in TV or social networks. If you need an advertising spot, we can help you!

Video explanatory

The explanatory videos help to show how app works one, how to make a reserve or how to buy online, there is a pile of possibilities!

Videos for events

Recording of congresses and events, interviews, press conferences, animation of heads of intro for chats and conferences€¦ nothing resists to us!