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Type of video

Animated Explanatory


Sano air needed to communicate in a video the process of trazabilidad of its products, and Hits Communication raised the creative idea of the animation video that we realised.

Objectives of the client

The company Aire Sano located in Teruel, belongs to one of the great leaders in vegetal nutrition, the T©rvalis Group. The communication agency Hits, it ordered the creation to us of a video to explain the process of trazabilidad and quality of his ham with Teruel Appellation of origin.

They needed to show of form clear ordinate and the following aspects:

  • Where the process begins
  • Location of fields and factory of nutrition.
  • Genetic selection, raises, fattens and other processes.
  • Dryer and conservation.

Audio-visual proposal

As professional in an audio-visual agency our mission is to advise to our clients what type of video is most suitable to show to the needs of promotion of a product or service.

In this case we decided on an explanatory video animated that simultaneously covered the necessity to be shared in social networks and, easily understandable by any user, thus arriving the objective public.

We as much divide to the explanatory video in several phases in agreement with the production process, insisting on the values of quality of the product as of the recognition of the company.

  • Control of total trazabilidad
  • Superb conditions of the fields, productive process and cattle
  • Norms of certification of the regulating advice of the Appellation of origin Ham of Teruel
  • Quality of the dryer, the altitude and the absence of contamination
  • And the total control of the production chain

It needs a video to explain and to spread a process, one app or any other initiative related to the services of his company?

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Our methodology, how we worked.

We are not an audio-visual producer to the use, we were in charge of all the development of the audio-visual project.


We look for the idea and we wrote up the text.


We design history and the characters.


We record with our super equipment.


We give life him to the drawings.


Music, effects€¦ The perfect finished one!

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It dates to know with a corporative video, an animated video or animated computer graphics.

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