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Publicity of video in Youtube I (what it is and how it works)

Often they ask to us how to put announcements in youtube reason why we have decided to write some articles to explain what is exactly all this of the publicity and the campaigns of announcements in Youtube.

Video for the marketing strategy online

To do videomarketing consists to produce a video that part of our strategy of marketing forms online, that will include Web, social networks, positioning, etc€¦

Therefore, once finished the video we must consider the possibilities of obtaining the greater possible diffusion for the same, and for it we have to our reach tools as Youtube True View, that we will manage through our account of Google Adwords, with that we can make different types from campaigns of announcements in the social network more important of the world to be able to increase the visits to our videos.

The publicity of video in Youtube has a system in which the advertiser only pays when somebody chooses to see its video. That is to say, the first 5 seconds of reproduction are gratuitous, and only payments by that decide to see the complete announcement. For that reason at the time of raising the videos that are going to comprise of a campaign it is very important to think well what you are going to count in those first so important seconds.

The announcements of video in Youtube have several formats (we will speak more ahead in another article exceeds they to know them well) but most interesting of all of them they are the enormous possibilities of segmentation that offer.

The best thing of the publicity of video in Youtube is that you can geographically segment your objective public, by sex, age, by likings, devices from whom it is connected or, most interesting by subjects related to the type of video content that consumes habitually.

For example, we could direct our video to women among 20 and 35 years that live in Madrid, are connected habitually from the mobile and which they habitually see videos with advice of health and beauty, so that when they are going to reproduce a video, they see before our publicity just.

In addition, this type of publicity allows you to extend the hearing of your videos increasing the long term popularity due to the calls €œsocial reproductions€, since the clicks that are realised in the bellboys €œTo share€ and €œI like€ of the own video in Youtube, and the additional reproductions during the campaign of video announcements can entail reproductions in the future still more.

Interesting, truth? As this subject gives for much, the week that comes we will publish the second part of the article where we will explain the types to you of announcements that exist and in what are different.

Meanwhile, if you want to continue reading about the diffusion of video, we have an article in which we explained how to viralizar the videos

A greeting and thanks to read to us!

By Irene Marco Google

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  1. hello interesting your information, queria to do a question to you because it is a doubt of which I do not understand and if you were your so amiable one to explain to me I thank for much to you. so that there are videos of 40 minutes without publicity and other that if they have announcements? it is decision of that publishes the video? , I am thankful for greetings to you

    1. Hello Luis! Thanks to read and excuse the delay to us in the answer.
      Indeed, the appearance or appearance of announcements in the videos of Youtube does not depend on the owner of the channel (the person that publishes the video). If the proprietor of a channel of youtube is discharged from the hospital as to partner he has the option to give permission so that it appears publicity in his videos, and in return obtains a small remuneration.
      We hope to have solved your doubt, a greeting!

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