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Emotional campaign of videomarketing

The product or the brand in an emotional video is secondary against the message a video campaign emotional marketing can be very effective whenever the message is honest and authentic, and that the feeling and the values that you try to pass on always are behind the brand, since to be successful in [€¦]

A little cinema€¦ €œVertigo€ of Alfred hitchcock

The past Monday our companion Ignacio Bernal participated next to Fernando Sesma in an interesting chat colloquy in the cineforum of Fnac Saragossa after the projection of €œVertigo€ of Alfred Hitchcock. A one of the best films of the history of the cinema film that in spite of undergoing bad critics at the time, (and being [€¦]

videos to congratulate Christmas

This year many companies will congratulate Christmases to their clients and employees with a video, why? The video has been one of the communication tendencies that have grown in the last year more Because it is a very attractive format for the consumers, contributes to freshness and immediacy in the message and is [€¦]

Is the company video old-fashioned?

New language, new types of videos Those long corporative videos in which it was spoken of to numbers and statistics, where a speech appeared the manager loosen, are of course completely obsolete. The videos for companies have given an important turn in that sense, as much in the style of language that they use, much more level and [€¦]

The importance of a good promotional video for the Web of your company

All we know very well the saying €œan image is worth more than thousand words€, but in addition we are speaking of a Web, in this one case the audio-visual content not only helps us to transmit of simpler and direct form the message or the services that we offer, but increases to the dwell time of [€¦]

When a good viral video achieves its objectives

The fundamental idea and script are Nobody know the perfect formula envelope how to make a viral video that really works, but are clear that the idea and the script are fundamental, and that a good work done with something of grace and taking care of much the final result, always has more possibilities of working. [€¦]

The video emotional marketing

Traditionally, since the world of the publicity exists, during the times of crisis the messages of the brands and companies have lain down to become nearer, with the intention to arrive no longer at the client but at the person, and to manage to transmit feelings to him of spirit, joy, hope or solidarity€¦ It is a form of which [€¦]

Examples of how using the video marketing for companies

Options to orient the audio-visual strategy: Videos to promote products of a store online or a physical store of any type (she has e-commerce or not) To all we like to see a product well before deciding to buy it, and the videos increase the possibility of purchase in a 64%! Tutorial videos. Restaurants, hairdressing salons, centers [€¦]

Seminary €œHow to remove party to the social networks€

The past Thursday 18 of April, our companion Irene Marco distributed a seminary on the use of social networks for companies €œHow to remove to party to the social networks€ in the Hotel Kingdom from Aragon de Saragossa. The seminary was organized by the Federation of Businessmen of Commerce and Services of Saragossa (ECHOES), institution that is [€¦]

Youtube beats record, is the hour to make video marketing!

Youtube is of celebration, and it is not for less because it is beating all the record of hearing. And it is that today we have known that has surpassed the number of billions of unique users to the month. It is an impressive number, since we are not speaking of the number of views of the videos, nor of [€¦]

What is the video viral marketing?

The video viral marketing is based on the accomplishment of series of videos very short (less than a minute if possible) and entertained, with different thematic useful or funny cradles in ideas that they are interesting and that they have something to see with your services or your business. Of what [consists the video exactly marketing€¦]

Advantages of the video marketing (computer graphics)

Here we left computer graphics you that we have realised on the advantages of the video marketing to show of a graphical way with concrete data the utility to you that can have to campaign of video marketing for companies, independent or any other type of business€¦ to even look for work! Why to make video marketing [can be important€¦]