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Advantages of the videos of animation in front of the recording videos

Advantages of the videos of animation in front of the recording videos

In a producer of animation videos this type of contents is essential for the creation of effective strategies. The capacity of engagement of these videos realised with animation or animation techniques 2d 3d is far beyond the one of any other type of contents. If the image is worth more than thousand words, he is right to affirm that the united symbolic image to a structured script multiplies this reality.

What advantages present the animation videos

The recorded and dramatized video is adapted to pass on the face of the company in those cases in which human the essential characteristics suppose a strong added value. The animations for videos are best the average one for the conceptual and argumentative contents.

The importance of the graphical image

A logical succession of images and selected graphisms affects those points directly that catch better the attention of the objective public, fixing and maintaining the same at the same time as they create the expectation necessary to wait for what comes next.

The ideas are passed on of a clear form and needs sustained in symbolic and representative images. The support of a locution in off contributes to complete a presentation characterized by several unique factors:

€“ Precision of ideas.

€“ Logical succession.

€“ Dynamism.

All are attributes essential and demanded by a user eager for valuable and concrete information.

Integration with the corporative image

The corporative image is especially graphical. Symbols, forms, typographies, emblems, standards, logos and colors define perfectly what the company is and wishes to pass on.

All this information flows integrated in an animation 2d or an animation 3d of a perfectly natural form. Of this form, each animated video reinforces the association of a content of value with the visual identification of the company. Its retention on the part of the hearing holds fast thus.

If this is united to the capacity of the animations for videos to pass on ideas and concepts, it seems evident that its application within the strategy of branding is perfect and far beyond obtains to an effectiveness the one of the dramatized videos.

Advantages of the structured script

If in the dramatized video the narrative script is used, in an animation 2d or an animation 3d is used a plot or structured script.

The narrative script is expositivo whereas the structured script is consecutive and perfectly draws up to a way towards some concrete objectives. A conclusion on the part of the hearing or the necessity of an action.

Of this form, computer graphics or an animation can present ideas logics that lead when buyer person by a way in the form of funnel with much more facility than it can make an recorded video.

Interactivity in animation 2d and animation 3d

The animated computer graphics and videos facilitate the interactivity and the participation. The user can sail voluntarily through the same, advancing towards those contents that wake up their interest more.

The video becomes a flexible field in which the user is jumping from a part to another one and submerging in what more flame his attention to return back or to advance forwards. An recorded video is sequential and the user must see it of principle aim being able stop in the process.


Normally, an recorded video supposes a production in which the necessary infrastructures and the human component multiply the costs. The necessary infrastructure for animations for videos is smaller and the production is not subject to incidences that can alter their times.

As producing of animation videos we recommended our clients to incorporate this type of videos in its strategy of marketing. It can visit to us and to contact with us, we animated to him to use these videos and to do them viral with our services of diffusion.

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