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New types of videos for social networks

New types of videos for social networks

One of the great objectives that want to reach the companies is to secure repercussion of massive and fast form in Internet. In order to obtain it, several types of videos for social networks exist that can help to generate interesting a viral content for the consumers.

The different formats from video that offer social networks as Facebook and Instagram, help to attract a sector of the demanding, anxious public and who is in constant search and consumption of information.

Thanks to these types of videos he is able himself to catch his attention to be able to influence on the purchase of a product or the hiring of a service. An attention that must be realised being based on a complete strategy: a great idea, an interesting presentation and a development that knows to make it evolve, to secure the greater possible diffusion.

Given the potential that has the videos for social networks, many companies have decided to use this form of communication within their strategies of marketing. A format that turn out to be visual and pleasant to count the news, personal experiences and information able to connect directly with the users.

This way to arrive at the client supposes a great rate of conversion for the companies, obtaining great benefits.

Vertical videos for stories

These types of videos are a revolution for the advertisers and the strategies of marketing. More than half of the brands that belong to a social network they have created at least one history in the last three months. One is a new form to interact with his followers and to serve to them as inspiration.

The mobile has supposed a great change in the habits of consumption of contents, until the point to obtain that the marketing campaigns think first about the movable format and are adapted later to the others.

It is necessary to consider that the movable devices are by defect in vertical format and that in many occasions is held with a single hand, and by logic, it is the video format that better agrees to them.

Squared videos of short duration for Facebook and Instagram

They generate a greater interest in those people who use the movable devices to reproduce videos noticeably, increasing the number of reproductions in social networks as Instagram and Facebook, thanks to his great capacity of adaptation to the screen.

In addition, thanks to his reduced duration, one is able to retain the user of a more effective form.

Videos specifically thought for Whatsapp

Whatsapp is the application more used by million users and during many moments of the day, which turns it into a suitable way to contact with the clients thanks to Whatsapp Business.

The videos created specifically for this application obtain:

€“ Great amount of daily visualizations.

€“ It is of easy use from the Web of WhatsApp.

€“ Proximity with the user.

€“ It secures more impressions than other advertising strategies and with a high CTR.

Every time they are plus the brands that resort to specialized companies to incorporate these types of videos for social networks in search of catching a greater hearing. The video marketing is within reach of all!

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