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How to do storyboard: to give images to the words

How to do storyboard: to give images to the words

To obtain that a video or cinema product marketing is excellent requires of a previous work of planning. Practically, it is impossible to arrive with the camera at a running and to guess right previously without thinking what is wanted to record and how. For it, it is necessary to count on storyboard. But what is storyboard and which are their functions.

What is storyboard and which are their functions?

Storyboard, also known as graphical script, is a compound of sequential drawings that illustrate the planes of an audio-visual work. It is a basic step that must be realised in any good pre-production, since it will help to have a guide of the running. They are used habitually in cinema, television and publicity, in addition to in many other scopes of the creation of videos.

The main function of the graphical script is to cause that all the members can imagine and previsualize the final result of the work. This way, they will be able to work of coordinated form to take to good port the project. Storyboard also includes a series of indications in the foot of each photography. In them the details most complicated stand out or most difficult to explain.

Whichever types of storyboard it has?

If it is taken care of naturalizes it of storyboard and how one becomes are possible to be detachhed several types. For example, scripts can be found other and color graphics in black and white. Some perfectly are drawn and explained, whereas others are simple lines.

Since it has been mentioned, a dependency of storyboard exists of how it is used. Many very complete studies exist that can shed more light exceeds how to do storyboard. Perhaps nevertheless, to know whichever types of storyboard it has only are due to consider those that are indicated next:

1. Stoyboards to the use

The classic graphical script handmade. It can be better or worse drawn, but its essence continues being the same.

2. Miniatures

It is a concept quite similar to the previous one, although as its own name indicates, in miniature. Everything in a much more small size imagines, normally in an only folio.

3. Scripts animated graphics

These can be animated of standard way by means of actors or representations, or to be even made of digital way with technological programs.

Why due to use a graphical is script?

Then, neither the more nor the less to be able to visualize history before it is recorded and one mounts. This way it is possible to be known if it will be or no. In addition, also serves so that the scriptwriter can explain of precise way what is what wants to transmit in each scene.

By all these reasons it is completely necessary to realise storyboard during the pre-production of an audio-visual piece. However, the best thing is to leave this work into the hands of professionals; it goes if you are interested in producing audio-visual content of quality.

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