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How many do videos need a SME to promote their products or services?

How many do videos need a SME to promote their products or services?

One of the best strategies of marketing and communication that can realise a small business is, without a doubt, to use as the video marketing. And it is that to have videos to SMEs it is a very effective way to improve the relevance of the commercial law actions without investing too much to obtain it.

Is sufficient for a SME a single corporative video?

Many SMEs that want to send themselves to realise this strategy of advertising video are wondered how many videos for small businesses are necessary to be able to prevail. Thus, it is possible to ask itself, is sufficient for a SME a single corporative video?

Yes, a single video can work. Nevertheless, it is always recommended to make several corporative videos for SMEs. After all, it is difficult to be able to arrive at all type of public and to sell all the services and products of a company with an only message.


The product videos for SMEs that are not very extensive (diffusion pills) are very recommendable by his low price. One is realised short videos from one length. They are the ideal complement to commercialize all the products or services of a company. Also they are ideal to give exit him to the corporative video through the social networks, for example.

We presented the work to you that we realised for Ticketmaster Spain, a series of video promotional pills realised for the diffusion of concerts and events in the social networks.

Original forms to present products with video

To realise several corporative videos for a SME can give foot to the originality. For example, to have the opportunity to realise several audio-visual pieces can be the best one via presenting products and services in serial format. Different pieces can be realised that develop to the same history with some same characters. Throughout this work they will be possible to be presenting products or services at the rate of one by chapter.

On the other hand, also the format of several interlaced corporative videos can be useful; for example, tutorial video sequential. It is another way to fulfill the corporative social responsibility of the business, if the spread information has an educative and social value. In addition, also marketing is made of contents attracting the client of the SME with interest information.

Advantages to make several videos of services for SMEs

To make different videos from services for SMEs is totally necessary to be able to present them to different public. It is a way to be able to transmit diverse messages and to transform them based on the receiver. The advantages of these videos are:

€“ They generate major engagement with the receiver and they are viralizan more through social networks.

€“ They are a source of utility content that can be shared continuously.

€“ They more easily attract the potential public that another publicity.

€“ The sales of a business optimize, since they connect better with the consumer.

Now that already is clear how many videos for SMEs are necessary to be able to prevail, the moment has arrived for requesting a budget to a company of video professional marketing and with exceeded experience in these homes.

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