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Generation of a video of animation for companies

Generation of a video of animation for companies

You need a video animation for your company but you don't know by where home? In this guide we showed to you step by step how we created a video of professional animation that will help you to promote your brand.

Steps to create an animation video

At the moment, it is a reality that the users pay more attention to the images and the videos, that to the words (although everything is important). Reason why if you want to publicize to spread a product or a Serb you would have to dare with a video of professional animation to enamor to your public.

Rockwell-Stockbridge wants to help to gain visibility and to present you your business. Thus it is how we do it:

Writing of script

The first step is unquestionable: the script writing. You will have to write up everything what you want that it happens during the video and in text, soon to be narrated by the voice in off. We say that it is the base of all the process of design and creation of the video; reason why you will have to define the style of language and the narration.

If you do not know by where to begin we wrote up and adapted the script to the duration of the video and we give the sense him with the suitable words to catch the attention of your clients.

Creation of technical script

If as soon as you have knowledge in the audio-visual sector, it is normal that you ask for the differences between writing of script and creation of technical script. Then, type scheme in whom there is to detach to the text of the script and the ideas on the visual elements, dividing it in numbered scenes is a document.

An example of it would be: €œscene 3 €“ bottom of yellow color €“ appears a character walking and suddenly it slips€. As you see, one not only is to clarify where each part of the script goes, but also the visual elements that accompany to the animation video.

Sketch of the character

The following step is to prepare a sketch of the main character of the video, that is to say, the protagonist, the personality of the character, the appearance, etc. All the necessary one to define it completely so that it fits with the history that is wanted to count. In our case, always we sent to the client at least two options of style.

Design of Storyboard

The following thing is to design storyboard. But€¦ what is storyboard? It is translated as €œgraphical script€ and consists of a sequence of images or illustrations that serve as guide to the argument of a history, in order to previsualize, of some way, the result of the animation video.

So in this point we must compile the images of all the scenes. It is very important, since she is one of the crucial parts of the audio-visual production.

Search, selection and purchase of music

Following with the creation of the animation video, the following point passes through the search and selection of the music that will accompany it. It can be free of rights or bought music. We chose to send to the client different options to him, so that he can choose on the basis of his needs, tastes or intention since each type of music passes on a sensation and puts us in a different situation.

It is important to think what must feel our potential when it listens to music that we have chosen.

Order of voice in off to professional speaker

This point, approaches much the previous one. The voice in off of the professional speaker, must pass on the sensation exactly that we want to wake up in our client: seriousness, security, diversion, complicity, enthusiasm€¦ this step is one of most important during the process to create a video of animation for the companies, since it says much of the professionalism of the video and the intention that there is to shape.

We select always different options, with several tonalities of voice, so that the client can choose what she adjusts more to the company. In addition, we worked in any language of the world. There are no barriers in that aspect.

Edition of audio

So that the sound is perfect, the following point is to ecualizar the voice and to trim bought music, thus to adapt it to the wished duration and also, to choose the best part, or at least the one that the client chooses.

Also, in VideoMarketing Dose also we compose the track of audio, using the voice in off and the music chosen for the animation video.

Animation of video in After Effects

In order to give a touch most professional, original, funny and dynamic to the video, we did not doubt in including effects that mark the difference and catch the user. For it we used a powerful tool as it is After Effects. It helps us to create effects of video, transitions in movement, animated graphics and effects animated for films, spot TV, videos and even for the Web.

Rendering, conversion and delivery of the video

The last passage of the process to create a video of animation for companies, happens through rendering, conversion and the delivery to the client of the video already finished.

Once the video perfectly is published and turned to the wished extensions, will be given to the client so that it can put it in the webpage of the company, to hang it in the Channel of Youtube, to distribute it by the social networks or to send it to mass media.

Finally those will be the users that visualize the video and generate the awaited results: they will know his services, the launching of a product, the promotion of a new service, the next event that realises its company€¦ really will know the brand, they will act consequently and spread the news.


Now already you know how we created a video of professional animation and the potential that supposes for your company. So we hoped that this guide has been to you pleasant and you have learned something new. At least already you know our form to work!

We helped You to create the video of animation for your company? Ask estimated to us without commitment. We can help you!

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Our methodology, how we worked.

We are not an audio-visual producer to the use, we were in charge of all the development of the audio-visual project.


We look for the idea and we wrote up the text.


We design history and the characters.


We record with our super equipment.


We give life him to the drawings.


Music, effects€¦ The perfect finished one!

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