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It is essential that a video for networks has audio?

It is essential that a video for networks has audio?
The users are many who often ask themselves if €œit is essential that a video for networks has audio€; reason why in this article we will give the answer you and we will tell everything you what you need to know how to begin to make videos animated without audio really attractive.

Videos animated without audio

Can a video not have sound? For many people this would be unthinkable, since a video normally has a sequence of images and goes accompanied of sound. But this does not have because to be thus!

You know why? Because much people reproduce the videos from smartphone by the street or in closed spaces in which noise cannot be done; reason why for all these cases, a video animated without audio is the best possible option. So no, it is not essential that a video for networks has audio.

A clear example we found it on Facebook. By defect the reproduction of videos is not automatic and, in addition, the deactivated sound comes and you must click so that it activates. This is a little to avoid the annoyance of which, without giving account, it begins to sound any basic noise us.

And to satisfy this necessity, it is there where the videos animated without audio enter. They do not have any type of music or sound; reason why simply it is formed with animations that can even say much more that a conventional video.

These videos of animation can go accompanied of sequence of images of all type, with sandwiches that texts say, etc. There are no limits; reason why every time he is more habitual why you tenth, because not always it interests us that the videos have sound to accede to a certain information.

Video computer graphics without audio

In the case of the video computer graphics, usually are characterized videos to tell on surprising images and that they manage to transmit a great message. Aesthetically usually they are very beautiful, attractive and lie down to draw attention, of such form that the user ends up seeing it.

The video computer graphics without audio is telling to a history or story to us, without needing audio for it. Reason why in the era of the video and the image, where every time we read less text and we see more video, they can be really useful.

Where used are the videos without audio?

The videos without audio are habitual in the social networks, because the users enter and they run into continuously with multitude of videos. And, the fact that it does not have sound and it only says it all through images, it turns out more comfortable to accede more easily and more quickly to the information. Also, also to avoid uncomfortable situations (because one reproduces with sound when we are in a bus, a cafeteria€¦ and we do not want to make noise).

Reason why every time they are plus the agencies of marketing, companies or stores online that decide to announce their products or services in the social networks by means of videos animated without audio. We have produced multitude of videos in which the animated music and images promoted the product or service to spread, without needing incorporating a voice in off.

Also, storyboard also is one of the examples in which it is not necessary to show sound to say much.

Advantages of the videos without audio for social networks

  • More comfortable for the user: the fact of not having to activate the sound to listen to them is more comfortable, because simply it is necessary to give the play to see what contains.
  • They say much more in less: this type of video computer graphics without audio lies down to much more say that a conventional video and in less time.
  • They occupy less space: another one of the advantages at the time of managing the videos is the size, since not always it interests to show to us to him the usuary very heavy videos. When not taking sound they are lighter.

Why to decide on videos without audio for networks?

Starting off of all these advantages, we could say that it is a tendency that is in height. And when something works and one begins to expand as the foam, becomes an opportunity for many SMEs or agencies of marketing that explore new communication channels to arrive at the users.

Reason why if you want to offer to your clients somewhat new, innovating and who really contribute to them much more; to decide on these new types of videos could help you to improve your community of users and to increase the number of followers.

Contract the best videos without audio, professional quality

In case the creation of videos is not yours and looks for the way to delegate this task into the hands of some professional of the sector, in VideoMarketing Dose it would enchant to us to make reality all projects. An eye only throws to all the services that we offer.

It remembers that if you have any doubt or you look for some professional that they offer the service of video without audio€¦ we can help you! We spoke of video marketing?

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