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The video as tool of marketing and loyalty of clients

Internet is taking the place from other average ones as the radio, the fences and the television to make publicity.

The reason is simple: Internet gives to the user the possibility of looking for information of the product that needs and that not very often is provided by the same companies that sell them.

In only a click, the potential consumer has access a:

  • Commentaries
  • Testimonies
  • Reviews

All this with the possibility of discovering through the social networks if a contact has proven a product and if he is able to recommend it.

To day of today, no means are more effective than Internet to convince to somebody that it needs an article or a service. The publicity by radio lacks the visual element that allows us to hook to us with the information; the billboards crush with their aggressive colors, size and messages; and the television, unidirectional, does not allow the interaction.

The consumers of our days are skeptical to the commercials and they are entrusted more in the recommendations of its friendly.

In order to obtain that your article has a site in the social networks, your company needs a strategy video marketing, and Dose knows how to do it.

The marketing strategy: to create videos that fulfill the real objective of the company

The videos already represent the greater percentage of contents reproduced in intelligent and viralizados equipment through the social networks.

They wake up confidence and interest, they increase the dwell time of the internauts in your page and show the most human face of the company.

But to make a video is not guarantee of a good positioning in the web search engines. A video is a marketing tool and, so that it is successful, it must be object of a plan structured and delimited according to the objectives to reach.
The design of a video strategy marketing demand that you consider the following steps and that you make decisions in each from them.

1. It defines your intentions

It thinks about which you could win with your videos:

  • To increase to the traffic Web?
  • To turn to the visualizers?
  • To give new brightness to the brand?

Of any way, to define your intentions is crucial for the design of a video strategy marketing that throws fruits.
To become viral never must be the objective of your campaign of video marketing: your goal would have to be to provide excellent content to the users of the network. The originality and the utility are values that the internauts are not prepared to negotiate.

2. It delimits your niche and it knows your target

You will have walked a good stretch when you know the needs your hearing or ideal client, that one to that sends the message of the video.
But you do not remain in the needs of your ideal client, it sees further on and it tries to know more than you can of him: challenges, preoccupations, tastes and aspirations. It enters plus you know it, easier will be to you to establish a connection.

3. Give to your video the suitable duration

A too long video will cause that the potential clients leave before finishing it. If he is very short, they will be with desire to see more.
And to way of tip, in the first seconds, the video must give to the user an answer exceeds why it would have to look it.

4. It uses humor and it appeals to the emotions

The most effective form to hook a user and to cause that it shows interest in which you offer is making see the human aspect him of your brand.

In order to obtain it, you need to show histories of other people who or have proven the product and to cause that she is identified with them, or with the one of the members of the company. To this strategy storytelling is denominated to him and consisted of less speaking to the hearing of the article or the service to him, and more of the emotions than it could experiment.

5. You do a call to the action

You do not forget to add a phrase, word or postcript at the end of the video calling to the client to take an action that you have defined with a view to achieving your objective of marketing: to subscribe, to share or to leave a commentary, among others.

The diffusion of the video is key for its life utility

The videos that rise platforms in line are dominated other forms of publicity, to be always at the disposal of the potential clients.

In fact, they can stay circulating in the network many months after the audio-visual producer has finished its work. This is due to that the good strategies of video marketing obtain that they are the same clients whom they present the product.

If you look for this effect, it chooses thematic in which your ideal client is himself reflected and always ten in account that the content that you produce will have to respond to a restlessness.
In the end, it will end up sharing your message in the networks.

In case you are decided by the video as marketing tool, it remembers that it is not the amount of visits the one that its life utility prolongs, but the fidelity that is created in those users who want to share with their relatives and friendly, the contents that have given answers him to their questions.

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