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All the videos do not have to be commercial

When we established relation with small and medium businesses always think about commercial videos 100%, in spot for social TV and networks, they want to increase his sales and they think that only the commercial videos can play that role. From DOSE, in many occasions, we explained to them that all the videos of company do not have why to be commercial, [€¦]

Audio-visual producing meeting

Before going to an audio-visual producer€¦

As modern company that you connect with your clients, you know that, if or if, you must have some corporative video, pills of advertising videos and promotion or why no, some video type computer graphics or an animated video that helps the user to understand how app which you have created or one of [works last€¦]


The video as tool of marketing and loyalty of clients

Internet is taking the place from other average ones as the radio, the fences and the television to make publicity. The reason is simple: Internet gives to the user the possibility of looking for information of the product that needs and that not very often is provided by the same companies that sell them. In only a click, [€¦]

It is essential that a video for networks has audio?

It is essential that a video for networks has audio? The users are many who often ask themselves if €œit is essential that a video for networks has audio€; reason why in this article we will give the answer you and we will tell everything you what you need to know how to begin to really make videos animated without audio [€¦]

How many do videos need a SME to promote their products or services?

How many do videos need a SME to promote their products or services? One of the best strategies of marketing and communication that can realise a small business is, without a doubt, to use as the video marketing. And it is that to have videos to SMEs] is a very effective way to improve the relevance of the commercial law actions without [€¦

New types of videos for social networks

New types of videos for social networks One of the great objectives that want to reach the companies are to secure repercussion of massive and fast form in Internet. In order to obtain it, several types of videos for social networks exist that can help to generate interesting a viral content for the consumers. The different formats from video that [€¦]

What is the video marketing?

If you are proprietor of a company or you want to sell some product type, we think that it can be interesting who you read this article, in that we will speak on the video marketing. Brief videos for its diffusion in Internet the video marketing is a strategy of digital marketing that consists of creating content in video format [€¦]

How to write a script of videomarketing

We know what we want to count but it costs to give form to us to our history? In order to write a script of videomarketing we must start off of three fundamental premises: To define objectives: we must consider which is our objective? who is going it to see? who we want that it sees it? to know clearly these points is key to create the script. [€¦]

As realising a video for a campaign of crowdfunding

To fund a project with economic donations a campaign of crowdfunding (micropatronage) is a network of collective financing that at the moment has its height in the world online and consists of funding a project with economic donations of patrons who are interested in your project or service and that decides to support it in exchange for symbolic rewards of [€¦]

How to optimize your videos for Youtube

SEO in Youtube, vital to rankear Already we have seen how make publicity in Youtube with our videos. Nevertheless, it is not the only form to arrive at our possible clients. The searches in this channel of video on any subject, continue increasing every day and in addition own Google offers results to us of [more and more€¦]

The publicity of video in Youtube II (types of announcement)

Some ago weeks we published a article in which we explained to you what is and how the campaigns of Youtube Trueview work, and this week we want to explain the different types to you from announcements or formats for the publicity of video in this one social network. TrueView announcement in-display an announcement in-display consists of a text and an image [€¦]

Publicity of video in Youtube I (what it is and how it works)

Often they ask to us how to put announcements in youtube reason why we have decided to write some articles to explain what is exactly all this of the publicity and the campaigns of announcements in Youtube. Video for the marketing strategy online To do videomarketing consists to produce a video that comprises of our strategy of marketing [€¦]