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Audio-visual producing equipment

What is the post-production?

Of all the €“ phases of an audio-visual project €“ the phase of post-production occupies a very outstanding place in DOSE. In the majority of the occasions the recording requires a great amount of work subsequent to. Of what the process of post consists production of a video? When] is finished to the running of [€¦

Phases of an audio-visual project: Running for a product or service

Phases of an audio-visual project: Running for a product or service the videos every time have more protagonism within the social networks; the internauts prefer to see content multimedia, before read. This secures a viral repercussion much more. Our audio-visual producer is specialized in the accomplishment of all type of videos, as much to sell [€¦]

How to do storyboard: to give images to the words

How to do storyboard: to give images to the words To obtain that a video or cinema product marketing is excellent requires of a previous work of planning. Practically, it is impossible to arrive with the camera at a running and to guess right previously without thinking what is wanted to record and how. For it, it is necessary to tell [€¦]

Characteristics of the animation videos

The best tool to spread brand, product and message the animation videos are the perfect tool of communication and original and unique diffusion for companies, brands, products and services that want to show their product of simple way. Sometimes, the companies spend as much time in explaining and defining their product that leaves of side something [€¦]

A little cinema€¦ €œVertigo€ of Alfred hitchcock

The past Monday our companion Ignacio Bernal participated next to Fernando Sesma in an interesting chat colloquy in the cineforum of Fnac Saragossa after the projection of €œVertigo€ of Alfred Hitchcock. A one of the best films of the history of the cinema film that in spite of undergoing bad critics at the time, (and being [€¦]

videos to congratulate Christmas

This year many companies will congratulate Christmases to their clients and employees with a video, why? The video has been one of the communication tendencies that have grown in the last year more Because it is a very attractive format for the consumers, contributes to freshness and immediacy in the message and is [€¦]

Making of the Video Portfolio Paula Marco illustration

It does little we did a Portfolio video to him to the illustrator Paula Marco in whom we tried to show his work of original and creative form, since these qualities are characteristic of their personal style. The videos portfolio or video curriculum are very useful for independent and small businesses of any type, especially for those [€¦]

Page of Facebook the Brindador

Our expert in Social Networks has created the fan page of the Brindador on Facebook:, a space where the followers of the band could be of all the news, concerts, interviews, etc In addition, the page counts on a special section where all the videos can be found and some of lasprincipales [€¦]

Making Of video Christmas

These Christmases we received the order of the accomplishment of a Christmas video for the new social network, that we realised in collaboration with To±o Garc­a. The video had to be a congratulation in which Papa N¶el animated to the users of the social network to complete his profiles, reason why we thought the idea, we wrote up [€¦]

We already are here!

We are an equipment formed by a professional of the audio-visual world and another one of marketing online, together with the service of the new needs of those businesses that want to create original content for their Web and its pages in the social networks, with the aim of presenting its work in the surroundings online.