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Benefits to use the video as tool of communication in the social networks

Benefits to use the video as tool of communication in the social networks Nowadays the video marketing offers a great amount of benefits and possibilities for all type of companies. The certain thing is that the users every time solicit that the information who receive on the part of the companies is realised to traverse [€¦]

What is the video marketing?

If you are proprietor of a company or you want to sell some product type, we think that it can be interesting who you read this article, in that we will speak on the video marketing. Brief videos for its diffusion in Internet the video marketing is a strategy of digital marketing that consists of creating content in video format [€¦]

How to write a script of videomarketing

We know what we want to count but it costs to give form to us to our history? In order to write a script of videomarketing we must start off of three fundamental premises: To define objectives: we must consider which is our objective? who is going it to see? who we want that it sees it? to know clearly these points is key to create the script. [€¦]

As realising a video for a campaign of crowdfunding

To fund a project with economic donations a campaign of crowdfunding (micropatronage) is a network of collective financing that at the moment has its height in the world online and consists of funding a project with economic donations of patrons who are interested in your project or service and that decides to support it in exchange for symbolic rewards of [€¦]

Characteristics of the animation videos

The best tool to spread brand, product and message the animation videos are the perfect tool of communication and original and unique diffusion for companies, brands, products and services that want to show their product of simple way. Sometimes, the companies spend as much time in explaining and defining their product that leaves of side something [€¦]

How to optimize your videos for Youtube

SEO in Youtube, vital to rankear Already we have seen how make publicity in Youtube with our videos. Nevertheless, it is not the only form to arrive at our possible clients. The searches in this channel of video on any subject, continue increasing every day and in addition own Google offers results to us of [more and more€¦]

Explanatory videos of help for a Web

Every time we looked for more information in video format We want to solve our doubts of a fast form and direct, so when we visited a Web or we used a tool online, he is frequent that we somewhere look for of the page explanatory videos that our questions solve, but and if we did not find them? Probably we will look for in [€¦]

The publicity of video in Youtube II (types of announcement)

Some ago weeks we published a article in which we explained to you what is and how the campaigns of Youtube Trueview work, and this week we want to explain the different types to you from announcements or formats for the publicity of video in this one social network. TrueView announcement in-display an announcement in-display consists of a text and an image [€¦]

Publicity of video in Youtube I (what it is and how it works)

Often they ask to us how to put announcements in youtube reason why we have decided to write some articles to explain what is exactly all this of the publicity and the campaigns of announcements in Youtube. Video for the marketing strategy online To do videomarketing consists to produce a video that comprises of our strategy of marketing [€¦]

5 reasons to do videomarketing

The internauts we consumed more than 3 billions of videos to the day the video continues being the greater source of content consulted by people of all the ages. Only that already it is a good reason truth? But we see some other reasons to do videomarketing: Visibility: In spite of the great amount of videos [€¦]

Where and how to use videos in our strategy of Marketing Online

The more and more important video in the marketing strategies online We see how and where we can use it: Storytelling: we must count histories that move our public, and the strategies monochannel no longer work€¦ is necessary to campaign that combines several means, among them the video! Brand Content: the video must comprise of [€¦]

Courses Social Mediate Marketing

Course in the federation of Commerces of Saragossa After distributing several courses on the development of blogs with the platform of WordPress, the week that comes our companion Irene Marco will distribute a new course on Social Average Marketing in the Federation of Commerces of Saragossa (ECHOES). [Is an actual course of 30 hours€¦]