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Before going to an audio-visual producer€¦

As modern company that you connect with your clients, you know that, if or if, you must have some corporative video, pills of advertising videos and promotion or why no, some video type computer graphics or an animated video that helps the user to understand how app which you have created or one of your concrete services works last.

Youtube catches about thus 5 billions of users to the day, so to have content name brand in this finder it is important for your company, approaching you the potential market.

The strategy of your company, you have it already designed and very clear, however, it is important that also you design a video strategy marketing.

Example Corporative Video for the Syral company

When you go to an audio-visual producer so that it realises one to you or several videos of the type that are, before, you will have had to make an examination of brings back to consciousness, if, of it brings back to consciousness enterprise.

Objectives of your audio-visual strategy

A series of questions exists that you must consider and develop in equipment, so that the final result fulfills the wished objectives, there go:

  • Which is your target?
  • How it is? What sort has? What cultural or technical level? In what type of economy one moves? What other characteristics defines it? What tastes have?

  • What message you want to pass on to your hearing?
  • What you are going to offer to solve its problems to them? How you are going to help them? What you are going to give them? What you want that they do when they read your message?

  • What product or service you are going to offer to them?
  • It is a concrete product? It is a multiple solution? It is a fidelizado service? He is something new that you want to present?

  • What type of video you had thought to realise?
  • A serious or informal corporative video? A type of video computer graphics to help the user? A viral video? Perhaps an advertising video that you can divide in different pills from information? Is Your product or service why type of video ideal?

  • What you are going to do with the final video?
  • Where you are going it to distribute? You are going It to spread in social networks? You are going It to publish in the channel of youtube? Or it only is to publish it in the Web?

You rule to know your hearing

Before you send escribirm we want to help you with some notes that will help to develop the examination.

Who is your objective public, your target?

Many companies have different hearings, objective his target is not homogenous if not that is very diverse.

It is important that you segment to the maximum your final public, since the video would not have to be destined to all type of clients, but to a public in particular, segmented very well to catch its total attention, otherwise, any effort can occur to the fret after its publication online.
We put a simple example. It thinks that you are a manufacturer of refreshments, you can make diverse refreshments perhaps and/or flavors or only you make a type of refreshment.

In the first case it is easier to segment your public: young people, median age, sportsmen, infantile public€¦

In the supposed second, when you only have a product type, you have to segment if or if, to be successful, for example:
€¢ By the possible use that can give your clients to that product
€¢ Because you want to catch new target that you know does not use your product

He spends time to this question and he continues developing more sub-you ask on target that you define: economic level, sort, age, if they know or not the product, that been they have, children,€¦ Really, all that one can help you to evolve in the knowledge of your objective.

Developing well these questions, then, you will be able to easily define the rest of the examination.

It thinks about that not only you must define your hearing but you must think about what you are going to help them, you must think what intention they had when they looked for the words that are going to show your video.

The intention of the user has to be your goal

The video must of being the driver between its problem and your solution, you have to show to them how your service or product is going to overwhelm its expectations.

In next delivery we will speak of the message to pass on in a video€¦

In Dose we worked every day hard to help you to define all the initial strategy, we taught to you how to do it We spoke?

To share
Our methodology, how we worked.

We are not an audio-visual producer to the use, we were in charge of all the development of the audio-visual project.


We look for the idea and we wrote up the text.


We design history and the characters.


We record with our super equipment.


We give life him to the drawings.


Music, effects€¦ The perfect finished one!

You need something that differentiates to you from the rest?

It dates to know with a corporative video, an animated video or animated computer graphics.

It requests a dose of ideas, we can do something great together.