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The video emotional marketing

Traditionally, since the world of the publicity exists, during the times of crisis the messages of the brands and companies have lain down to become nearer, with the intention to arrive no longer at the client but at the person, and to manage to transmit feelings to him of spirit, joy, hope or solidarity€¦

It is a form of which an advertising campaign unnoticed pass and is not rejected by the consumer, sending a message that obtains that the users even identify themselves with you through the idea who you transmit to them, and leaving to a side your product and your enterprise image, to center you in the feeling, being thus improved your reputation online and the image of your company, when moving away to you of aggressive the advertising model changing it by one with deeper and subtle message.

That is emotional marketing, and in the last months many brands have chosen to orient in that sense their campaigns of video marketing, since there is nothing no better than a video to transmit emotions and feelings. A good campaign of video emotional marketing can get to be enormous successful in the social networks, and often to obtain it is not necessary an enormous budget but a good idea, and a little sensitivity to develop it.

And as for sample it is worth a button, here we left to the video campaign emotional marketing you that did Dove this spring and that tries on the low self-esteem, (a subject that it reinforces the message of its brand and positions to him positively with respect to its consuming potentials) and that obtained more than 500,000 visualizations in Youtube in only three weeks.

It is the success of the video emotional marketing€¦

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Our methodology, how we worked.

We are not an audio-visual producer to the use, we were in charge of all the development of the audio-visual project.


We look for the idea and we wrote up the text.


We design history and the characters.


We record with our super equipment.


We give life him to the drawings.


Music, effects€¦ The perfect finished one!

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It dates to know with a corporative video, an animated video or animated computer graphics.

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