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Is the company video old-fashioned?

New language, new types of videos

Those long corporative videos in which it was spoken of to numbers and statistics, where a speech appeared the manager loosen, are of course completely obsolete.

The videos for companies have given an important turn in that sense, as much in the style of level and much more near language that they use, as in the style of the images, warm and centered in the human equipment, that is what contributes personality to the company.

Therefore the company video has not disappeared nor has old-fashioned, but it has changed much his language and it has become another very different thing: it is means search the affection of the consumer and to show to transparency, creating a positive feeling towards the brand.

How it has to be a video of company for one present one?

In difficult times in which the consumer no longer entrusts himself in the brands, the companies need to approach people and to show its nearer face, than is not other than the one of its employees.

Now what it matters they are the people whom there are behind a project and help to make it reality, for that reason the present videos of company center its message in giving value to all the employees, of the first the last one, transmitting a feeling of community and €œbuenrrollismo€ and obtaining the empathy of people.

After all all we are workers of some company and we can be felt thus identified with something, to whom it would not like that its company showed to him as fundamental piece for the development of its services, although we are one more of the chain or employee of cleaning?

Every time there are more companies than they decide on this one type of corporative videos for his campaigns of publicity, as for example the one that all we know Wicker basket, or which they give a step still more and is sent there to create campaigns focused towards the video emotional marketing, that every time is more important.

This it is the corporative video that we have realised for Mart­n Mart­n, in whom we tried to reflect this one type of message through the images, we hoped that you like:



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  1. The point is very interesting that you comment on the confidence that a consuming one today has on the companies, and of the corporative videos to improve his vision towards the others there. Nevertheless, the power of videomarketing is very powerful in any form of commercial use by the amount of potential users for it, getting even to create videos on the basis of created others of homemade way by any person. In this post on marketing online I deepen more in this aspect in case you want to throw a look to him.

    1. Thanks Bernardine, we cannot be more in agreement with the words of your blog, today we have seen an announcement of Vodafone that copies a homemade video blatantly that we already saw a long time ago by chance in Vimeo.
      It is certain that so blatantly all we looked for inspiration in the things that we like and she does not pass anything if she takes control of respect, but that the great brands copy other people's ideas, having as they have resources to inertir contracting good creative€¦ in aim.
      We have liked much article, thanks for your visit, we read ourselves!

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