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The publicity of video in Youtube II (types of announcement)

Some ago weeks we published a article in which we explained to you what is and how the campaigns of Youtube Trueview work, and this week we want to explain the different types to you from announcements or formats for the publicity of video in this one social network.

TrueView announcement in-display

 An announcement in-display consists of a text and an image in miniature that are next to similar videos of YouTube.

The text of the video announcement is next to the content related and the videos to similar subjects or the same type of hearing that your video, arriving at determined watching whose interests and geographic locations agree with the configuration of the campaign of your video.

In this option payments when a user clicks in the announcement to reproduce your video.

Announcement of TrueView video in-stream 

An announcement of video in-stream is that one that reproduces of automatic form before another video in YouTube begins, where the spectators can decide if seconds want to skip the announcement after some.

In addition, the announcements of TrueView video in-stream can appear as much in videos of YouTube (pages of visualization in YouTube) as in other pages of video editors of the Network of Display de Google, that is the set of webpages where they can appear the announcements of AdWords. This network includes the results search of Google.

Announcements In Video: Banners and I connect interactive 

Youtube also includes the possibility of using interactive announcements based on banners with calls to the action that are superposed on the video and can be connected to an external website (these banners perfectly are adapted to the movable formats).

Also the possibility exists of including sensible zones within the video (that Youtube calls €œAnnotations€) in that we can include connections to external sites to other videos without leaving the own video which we are seeing, so that we offer to the user an interactive experience.

If it interests to you to know more formats announcements, in the help of Display of youtube you can find all the necessary information.

In the next delivery (third and last one) of this article miniseries on the publicity in Youtube we will speak to you on the configuration of the campaign and the steps to follow to manage to publish our announcement, thank you very much to all to read to us, we hoped that there is interesting similarity to you!

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