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How to optimize your videos for Youtube

SEO in Youtube, vital to rankear

We have already seen how make publicity in Youtube with our videos. Nevertheless, it is not the only form to arrive at our possible clients. The searches in this channel of video on any subject, continue increasing every day and in addition own Google more and more offers results to us of video in the first positions.

Therefore, if we do not want to lose this opportunity, it is very important to also work our organic positioning or SEO in Youtube, just as we do it for the finder of Google.

There is a series of factors that are going to favor that our video appears in the first results. Simply having them in account at the time of to raise our videos (or reviewing some small details of that already we have raised), we will be able to optimize our channel of Youtube and that our clients find us by themselves.

Advice to optimize your videos in Youtube:

1. He follows the recommendations of quality and size of the video that makes Youtube. Here you can see more information. Generally, better to avoid videos of more than 1 minute of duration since the user usually does not visualize them complete and this is a negative factor for our SEO. As far as quality the HD would be the suitable option more, considering the types of devices and used connections more at present.

 2. It chooses a customized outstanding image for your video that is attractive. Sometimes Youtube chooses well, but in other occasions it can be very unfortunate and this one is a factor that is going to influence the decision of the users at the time of choosing directly what video is going to visualize.

3. It looks for keywords suitable for your business. Before raising your video Youtube, even if you can before realising it, it spends a time search the word or keywords by which you want to position itself. In many occasions, a tutorial video or video advice can be more effective than a promotional video€¦

4. An attractive title for the user writes. It uses keywords. The name of the company can hope, the important thing is that the user finds interesting the video so that he begins to see it and if it likes, certainly is interested in knowing to more envelope we.

5. He concentrates the information that you want to transmit in two forward edge of the descriptive text, since they are those that Youtube shows without needing opening all the text. Even so he is very recommendable to write a longer text in the one than you can expose what can offer your company. Also you can include keyword main or related others, connect to your Web, other videos of your channel or give your data of contact.

6. It creates lists of reproduction in which to order the different types from video which you are raising your channel, by thematic or type of video, to help Youtube to understand the information. It also uses the labels with the same aim, tells Youtube which you offer in your video. (For example, if we have a series of tutorial, a video of presentation, videos of an event, specific videos of promotions or products€¦).

videomarketing  7. It publishes of constant form. The video is a content more expensive than the text or the image, reason why everybody does not have capacity for publishes a video to the week€¦ Nevertheless if you realise a video, with just a little bit more of budget you can make shorter versions €“ video pills €“ or other brief videos in which you can reuse some resources of the longest video€¦ In this way you can have several videos to be publishing little by little in your channel, without spending too much.

8. It shares your videos in all networks and the blog. Youtube gives the option you to do it of automatic form, nevertheless, you can be useful to be offering this content of form staggered in the diverse networks, accompanied by an attractive text for your community. It remembers that the video is the content that is consumed more and more it shares!

9. It always marks the option that allows the users to share and to inlay your video in its Webs and networks. It is a form to secure incoming connections to our channel of natural form.

10. Youtube Analytics uses to measure your results and of making decisions based on your objectives.

11. Most important: it creates an interesting and attractive video. The image of the video will be the image that is associated to our brand, therefore is essential that the video is attractive and of professional quality. Nevertheless, if the video does not wake up the interest of the user, it will not visualize it complete and this affects to us negatively. On the contrary, if it is a video that draws attention so that it contributes information, because it makes smile or because it hits, can become a viral content that circulates around the network of very active form.

Now already you know how to optimize your videos so that your possible clients find you through finder of Youtube!

If you want to make a video to raise your channel to your Web or your social networks, to promote your business or service or to present a project, it contacts with us and we will send a budget to you without commitment.

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