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Benefits to use the video as tool of communication in the social networks

Benefits to use the video as tool of communication in the social networks

Nowadays the video marketing offers a great amount of benefits and possibilities for all type of companies. The certain thing is that the users every time solicit that the information who receive on the part of the companies is realised through audio-visual system instead of classic catalogues and pamphlets.

The marketing strategy at present

The marketing strategy is in constant evolution and, to day of today, which more cove in the users is the strategy of videos of companies.

The video allows you to generate more complex, more complete and much more original presentations that what until now you could realise. The visual explanation of the information causes that it remains more time in the retina of the user who visualizes it, increasing your possibility of conversion.

Marketing in youtube has grown of exponential form in the last years, since the social networks are one of the more important forms of communication in which to content it talks about. This affects directly to marketing in social networks, where the image, which is seen, is more and more present.

Benefits of the strategy of videos in companies

€“ He is more real. The video is the form of communication preferred by the users. This is due mainly to that the information that receives is more complete, but mainly more dynamics and entertainment. With a video of presentation of your product, the user can observe with his own eyes how he is and what characteristic and benefits can contribute to him, which increases the possibilities that he decides to acquire it.

€“ Nearer. The webpages that count on a video as welcome, generate in the users a sensation of greater proximity with respect to those than they only have text or fixed images. In addition, it facilitates that the possible client knows more on your company and more is arranged to begin a trade relation with you.

€“ Confidence generates. It is verified that the people who realise a purchase online prefer to do it to somebody whom they have listened to speak or that has shown all the advantages to them of visual form.

€“ Major generates interest. 80% of the users who sail by Internet, prefer to click in a connection that is going to show a video to them that to any other type of connection. This fact demonstrates that the video marketing attracts a greater traffic in the Web.

€“ It is a great help to present a supply. Your company can show all the kindness of a product through a video. But this, in addition, is also used for those intangible products that do not have something visual that to show, but on that you can make a presentation explaining his advantages.

€“ The duration increases of the visits. The strategy of videos in companies obtains that the time that the users are sailing by their webpage increases of sensible form. This increase of time also increases the probabilities that a user wants to put himself in touch with the company.

€“ He is very simple to handle. Although it can seem to you expensive, the certain thing is that nowadays there are many options so that you can generate audio-visual content with a small investment. The mobile phones every time count on more powerful cameras and the video camaras are reasonable.

€“ Improvement the positioning. The videos that you publish in YouTube can get to appear on the front page from results of Google. This is because Google favors in its searches this type of content.

As you can see, the video realised good marketing can get to contribute to great benefits to your company, favoring the visits of the potential clients and getting to obtain a greater number of conversions. You do not doubt in taking the passage towards the new era.


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